Are you a sorter or a searcher?

When the postman arrives with your mail, some people open it all and file it away neatly in its proper place so that it can be found straight away when required? If this is you, you’re probably a sorter. Others prefer not to spend the time organising and would rather leave their mail in a … [Read more…]

Being a more efficient software developer

I was asked recently about what I would tell myself shortly after graduating if I had the opportunity to give my younger self some advice. Based on years of commercial experience, there are a few relatively simple things that have made a big difference. Automation means that you will make fewer mistakes If you can … [Read more…]

Starting a C project with autoconf / automake

Sometimes when testing out an pattern or algorithm that requires platform or OS specific features, hardware interfacing or raw speed, C is the only language in which to implement it. This is a quick note-to-self for future reference. I currently have these steps in a text file on my laptop as a reminder of what … [Read more…]

ISPs and filtering: the sorting office analogy

With all of the recent parliament and newspaper interest in ISPs filtering content – specifically with reference to blocking particular sites, it is worth spelling out why compelling them to filter certain web sites is useless. Imagine that Royal Mail was prohibited from delivering mail to domestic addresses from certain senders. A very simple analogy … [Read more…]